Applications Development

IdAS will provide a coherent series of system designs which can be used in many different applications. Examples are border control, international management of migrants and refugees, financial services, health care, personal credentials for citizens, law enforcement and cyber security. AidA will enable authorized exchange and sharing of biometric-based identity data between different organizations, without endangering the security of other personal information.

IdAS will offer appropriate modules of the developed AidA design to integrators, for incorporation in new or existing identity management systems where the added functionality will be advantageous to their clients. The result is planned to be a growing international network of potentially linked identity management systems, which people can use to establish their identity for all sorts of transactions, with confidence that their personal privacy and identity information will be securely protected. The AidA design will however ensure that law enforcement agencies can, with proper legal authority, detect and follow up criminal or fraudulent misuse of this enhanced identity management infrastructure.