Services for Government and Private Sector

IdAS is able to provide broad support to government and private sector efforts to standardize, test, acquire, and deploy biometric technology with robust testing, training and research capabilities:

Test Services

IdAS' biometric testing programs are designed to meet stringent requirements in the objective test and evaluation of available and emerging biometric products. Within this program, a variety of tests are performed. Performance and conformance testing are complemented by a broad range of custom testing capabilities include development tests, comparative testing, interoperability and vulnerability testing, among others.

Training Services

IdAS has developed a training curriculum to fill identified gaps in available biometric training with courses ranging from a biometrics orientation course to a comprehensive biometric technical training course.


IdAS' applied research program supports: (1) improvements in the performance and integration of available and proven technology; (2) improvement in the resistance to threats against the technology by development of effective countermeasures; (3) examination of new technology for application in infrastructure protection, and (4) assessment of the social impact of technology application on the general population.

Requirements Definition

A key factor in evaluating the development or deployment of identity management technology is a clear understanding of application-specific requirements. Pre-deployment planning and decision-making are critical to successful biometric system installation. IdAS' application support services address deployment considerations such as requirements definition; articulation of program goals and objectives, vulnerability assessments, application impact studies, life-cycle cost analyses and privacy impact assessments just to name a few.